OIAICoverIt isn’t often that a Baba Yaga makes a mistake. And still more seldom when she admits to it. But when the world is on the brink of eternal winter, she’s willing to make an exception.

Only Aneira is no longer the mortal girl Baba Yaga spirited away so many years ago. Her heart is completely frozen, and she has cut ties with all she was before. Unfortunately the consequence of her actions is an endless winter that would cocoon the world in ice and snow.

Unless they are able to anchor her heart to balance the magics and what is left of her mortality.

Only one creature knows how to anchor a heart and banish the winter from it: the great ice dragon Indigo who has been imprisoned in an enchanted slumber.

He is willing to help them in exchange for the answers to three riddles of his own. Riddles that are every bit as dangerous as a heart filled with the power of winter and frozen through with ice.

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